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Business Executives: Check IT off your list

“As the President of a growing company, I don’t have time to worry about the cloud, security, backup or maintenance. I just want to set a budget and have it taken care of.”

As an Executive time is a precious and limited resource. Leading, selling and growing your business are higher priorities than dealing with technology. We can take care of it all including:

  • Your IT Department: Save money by letting us become your complete IT department. TotalGuard simplifies your costs by bringing it all under one umbrella.
  • Backup & Disaster Planning/Recovery: One IT failure can put you out of business if you don’t have the right system and plan in place.
  • IT Consulting: Not sure what you need? We can help you budget and plan for your growth
  • 24/7 Help Desk: Keep staff productive all day and all night without wasting internal resources
  • Customized security that works: Security is not one size fits all; we will customize a security strategy that will make you hacker and virus proof without hurting staff productivity.
  • Working from anywhere: Your team often needs to get work done while out of the office. We will keep them secure while they do it.